Monday, May 3, 2010

College and Education

I just want to let everyone know that today I was finally approved for financial aid! I have always wanted to succeed in school and learn but my disability served to hinder my studies, actually I could never sit straight or concentrate while in school previously in the past, even my little stint in college!

With my new found abilities I want to test them out to the fullest extent as this will be information towards my PhD of Rehabilitation Reform.

Why is it that there are people who are more adapted to studying than others? The answer is that if you want your brain to be functioning at that particular level you have to adhere to the positioning of mind and body, as previously stated in my other blog, if you want your brain to think straight your body has to be straight.

Just because you have naturally been blessed to be able to use your brain doesn't mean that you have to constantly stress the brain, which leads to mental breakdown and disorders, or even worse suicide. This has been a taboo in all countries striving to succeed on a educational level with asian countries like Korea and Japan to have high suicide rates among students, why is that? Because the pressure put on the children and the lengthy times that they study just to get into college is 10 times harder than it is here in the United States. The result of such practice is an overload on the brain because the body cannot support the mental intensity with physical intensity, the body works optimally when both the brain and body is functioning in unison.

Colleges around the country are starting to embrace the fact that suicides are the result of mental health issues and have non-profit groups to combat the growing threats of mental unrest. These non-profit groups are realizing that its not just a neurological problem but physical as well, they are on the right track as this is where my future is headed.

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