Sunday, May 2, 2010

First post

To whom it may concern,

My name is Hai-Young Kim and I have achieved self-awareness through the process of rehabilitation reform that I have created.

So far my critics (family & friends) have taken into account with the change of myself, although it was a rough road, I have finally gained the attention I needed to prove that I have changed both physically and mentally.

In asian cultures (Korean in particular) they have just recently identified "autism" (asperger's, bi-polar, etc.) as a mental health disorder, of which in the society it was just accepted. Maybe this is why Asia is so prolific in creating ideas, especially when it comes to technology. The reason I say this is because nobody in my family had an inkling of an idea that I was autistic.

I had spoken to my mother about my childhood after browsing through the many pictures taken in the past, and to be specific I had asked her what happened to me at the age of 5. She had told me that while she was in Korea she received a call from my father saying that my jaw had turned to one side. In reality half my body was unusable, my neck was stiff causing my head to be turned to one direction (my left) and paralyzed for 2 weeks, then after my neck slowly returned to where I could turn my head left and right.

This effect caused me to lose focus on a lot of things, much less be able to control my body the way I wanted it to. My mind at this point was unable to process any kind of thinking, I could remember vaguely anything about my past except those that stand out, like being reprimanded for things I had done but did not understand that I was "doing" wrong.

After the incident which caused me to be disabled, my father decided that instead of taking me to a hospital to be treated he had taken me to a chiropractor (all of which my mom had to tell me so that I could better understand what happened to me.) to treat my symptoms. Unknowingly my father and mother pushed me as if I were a normal child, not knowing why their son had drastically changed from a mild and normal child to something that exploded every time a camera was shoved in my face (For some odd reason my brain was subconsciously letting me know that I was not right and I had felt ugly) or I was stopped from doing something that I was totally indulged into.

I was never able to make friends in school, more importantly I learned humility from not only the children in school but the fact that my parents kept wondering why I was not like the other children, and that misunderstanding can go only so far before we collide and separate. My parents divorce was inevitable.

These are excerpts from my book "Understanding ME"

I am writing these things so that I can give understanding to parents and those who are affected by mental health issues.

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