Thursday, May 13, 2010

Split Brain Experiments

Now if you have objections from watching the video, here is another link from nobel prize and an explanation from a Nobel Laureate Roger
Sperry on split brain experiments.

This has spurned another raging topic in my mind which is, if you separate the left and right brain cerebral hemispheres and commu...nication still impedes cognition with the brain and body but does not slow down how it is processed, what would this in turn do to a person in the short/long-terms? Mentally & physically? Is there a feeling of detachment? Could the findings be used to elaborate the details of brain function in correlation to mental health? If by constantly using only one hemisphere of the brain, would it lead to becoming a stressed organ? Thus creating epileptic seizures?

Anyway, here is the link: brain experiments


 Here is also a  video of the experiment hands-on:

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